Trainers You Can Trust

ONYX trainers are experts in their field and have the experience that is right for any fitness level.

Everyday Training

Ready to kick it up a notch? Get the most out of every visit by hiring an Onyx team member to structure goal focused workouts and coach you through each session. One-on-one and semi-private (small group) training packages are available for you to choose from.

Functional Fitness

Improve the quality of your everyday life. We offer Adaptive and Inclusive Training for people with disabilities (inc wheelchair, prosthetics, and other physical limitations), Post Physical Therapy Exercise following the prescribed exit plan or by designing a properly structured rehab plan, and Functional Range Conditioning for improved mobility, balance, and flexibility and increased joint strength.

Athletics Coaching

Benefit from the guidance of a sports coach through consistent feedback, constructive criticism, motivation and on-hand support. Advanced coaching for Bodybuilding / (physique sculpting), Powerlifting, and Sport Specific Training can help you focus your mind, zero in on your body’s needs, and learn to perfect your discipline.

Online Training

Virtual workouts are a great way to advance your fitness goals. Benefit from working with an Onyx team member while at home or on the road. You’ll receive professional guidance while enjoying the convenience of staying in your own space.

Custom Programs

Personalized workout plans will complement and enhance your fitness goals and lifestyle. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your goals with one of our certified trainers. We will design and teach you how to implement a detailed plan that is right for you.

Ken Dennison

ATA & ISSA Personal Trainer Certificate

From an early age I have been passionate about sports and fitness. My competitive drive led me to succeed as an athlete in bodybuilding, wrestling, and football. Over the years, I’ve have watched people make many different mistakes, also making many of my own. I’ve learned how to correct these mistakes not only through textbook knowledge, but most of all experience.

There is a lot to learn within the fitness industry, even on a professional level. Specializing in physique sculpting, post-physiotherapy instruction, and adaptive training leaves no room for error. By understanding the biomechanics of the human body, we are able to ensure the highest functioning level of everyday living.

My goal is to encourage and challenge clients to feel stronger and more confident, while ensuring safety during every session. By providing professional guidance, I can teach individualized programs build around realistic goals.

Specializing in:

  • Body building & physique sculpting
  • Post-therapy & functional fitness exercise
  • Adaptive & inclusive training for people with disabilities. (Inc wheelchairs, prosthetics, and other physical limitations)
Kim Dennison

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer and figure competitor, I have a strong passion for the transformational value of fitness. I know firsthand the dramatic effects a healthy and active lifestyle can have on the quality of our lives. Self-confidence and one’s outlook on life can improve by setting and achieving goals. I have been involved in the fitness industry since 1998, and a certified personal trainer since 2003. In that time I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clientele from beginner exercisers to fitness competitors. It is with a positive attitude and excitement I train and motivate clients, challenging them to reach and surpass their fitness goals. Every client is unique and should be trained to their specific goals, needs, time frame and current physical ability. We must always remember the importance of healthy eating in conjunction with a strong workout plan. There is no secret at all, just hard work and consistency with food intake that reflects your particular goals. Energy and persistence conquer all things.

Jessica Masse

Health & Fitness Promoter – Diploma

My passion for fitness began early in life. Throughout my elementary and secondary years, I was actively involved in all sports – basketball being the highlight. After high school, I decided to enroll in the Health and Fitness Promotion program at St Clair College, as I was eager to study more in depth about how the human body works. While at the college, I had the privilege of playing four years of varsity volleyball, until graduating in 2018. My athletic experiences motivated me to set personal goals around the areas of fitness, flexibility, strength, and endurance which in turn, sparked a desire to share my knowledge and help others. Through my schooling and hands-on experience in the field, I have gained the skill set necessary to work with people of all ages. I currently specialize in sport specific program design and training – adult and youth athletes alike. It is important to have a proper blueprint to create that edge, whether it be improving overall strength, speed, vertical jump, agility, or explosiveness needed for a sport. I strongly believe everyone has the potential to improve on all aspects of life, including Health and Fitness.

Laurèn Haynes

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Participating in sports has always resulted in my being active. However, it wasn’t until 2018 when I signed up for a membership and found my spot in the gym.
Fast forward a year, I continued on with my fitness routine while putting myself through Primary Care Paramedic schooling. Being that my program is based on fitness my intensity in the gym increased from casual workouts to a more consistent and focused training regimen. With an ability to teach others, I was also happy to assist classmates so they could pass the physical tests.
Next came a delay in graduation and as a result my focus shifted from school to a solid passion in the weight room. During this time I decided to take the dive and apply myself to studying for my personal training certificate.
In 2021, I successfully completed the personal training studies and became a Paramedic graduate.
Although I am newer to the fitness industry, it is my commitment to those who want to make a change in their life to provide the best coaching I can, while improving daily.
I am excited to pursue my love for fitness and helping others. I love being in the gym. If you see me around, chances are I’m either trying to catch my breath, am dancing between sets, or doing a handstand.
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Primary Care Paramedic Graduate
John Chittle

BA Kinesiology & CSEP Personal Trainer

I believe exercise is profoundly important for the quality of life of any individual, and I am passionate about delivering that service through client-centered training and helping anyone I can in achieving their goals.
A favourite quote of mine: “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Specializing in:
  • Powerlifting and strength training
  • Increase in size with muscle mass
  • Additional applications of prehab, rehab, biomechanics, anatomy, exercise and sport physiology and psychology to training
Josh Lesperance

ACE-CPT & Kinstretch Lv.1 Instructor

It was the summer of 99 when I ventured into the fitness industry. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to train clients in British Columbia’s West Coast and most recently, the Windsor-Essex area.

Like most, I spent the bulk of my career practicing traditional training styles. It wasn’t until I experienced an unfortunate combination of sport and automobile injuries that my focus changed. To reclaim optimal health, I understood I needed to zero in on mobility and joint-based strength training.

It was during this process that I found a new passion. Simultaneously, I realized that many of my clients would greatly benefit just as I had. And so, I decided to take my training style in a different, yet distinct direction.

Functional Range Conditioning and KINSTRETCH techniques are key to your success! Implementing these unique tools gives me the opportunity to deliver exercises based on assessment and not tradition.

My commitment is to share knowledge by teaching self-assessment and challenging clients to think critically as there is a difference between mobilizing tissue and actual mobility training.

I look forward to working alongside anyone who has a desire to overcome and persevere through physical-restricting obstacles in their daily life, whether it be during one-on-one sessions or in a class setting.

Fun facts: Star Wars is better than Star Trek, Marvel is better than DC and Michael Jordan is better than Lebron James.


  • Functional Range Conditioning – Assessment and Mobility Specialist
  • KINSTRETCH Lv.1 Instructor
  • Rockblades IASTM + Advanced
  • Pn1- Precision Nutrition – Pro Coach
  • dotFIT
  • Business: Safe Sets

In the Kitchen

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness – physical activity, whole-food goodness, and mental health – which will allow you to achieve faster and longer lasting results. Along with your physical training contact us about available macro coaching, and meal planning or guidance options.

Safety First

Your safety is priority. Onyx staff will happily assist you in gaining knowledge over how our equipment works. If this is of interest to you, speak with one of our trainers to set up an appointment for this service.

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