At Onyx we do our best to ensure each member has the most positive experience no matter your fitness level. There is no need to be intimidated as we have taken extra steps to work alongside our members by helping them reach their personal fitness goals. Enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere all while getting results right here. You won’t be disappointed.



Memberships include 24 hour access and select fitness classes. Onyx is a family owned business, and when you join, you are not only taking the first step in achieving your fitness goals, you are also becoming a member of our Onyx team. With a welcoming, yet down-to-business atmosphere we are confident Onyx is a perfect fit for you! Contact us today for your free trial.

Personal Training


Looking to transform your mind and body? We offer a number of personal training packages catered to each client’s personal fitness goals, physical condition, and budget. Sessions may include one-on-one training, boot camp style workouts, partner workouts, post-therapy instruction, and more. Overcome obstacles by working with, and being accountable to, one of our certified personal trainers. Book a complimentary consultation today to get started.



Our certified dietitian will meet with you to create a personalized plan that will complement and enhance your fitness goals and lifestyle. This holistic approach to fitness will allow you to achieve faster and longer lasting results. Research shows that that the key to a good fitness program is the food you eat. Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult! We offer flexible plans that will suit your lifestyle, needs, and fitness goals. Get started today and begin your transformation.

Other Services


Looking to get fit with friends? With a variety of fitness classes to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time just by showing up and getting your body moving. These full body workouts are designed to challenge you, while building strength and endurance. The energy of a group and the expertise of certified instructors is sure to maximize your results.

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