Membership FAQ

Yes! Members of Onyx Fitness can access the gym using their personalized access fob 24/7, year round.

Members 18 years and older have full use of the facility around the clock. Members between the ages of 15 and 17 may access the facility providing guardians have approved and signed off on corresponding paperwork.

Please contact us for details regarding dependants or youth in your care between the ages of 7 and 14.

Your monthly membership dues cover general use of the facility, all classes listed on the schedule, and use of the locker room amenities (showers, sauna, lockers).

Under normal circumstances membership duration's range from one month to 12+ month terms. However, at this time and with the current restrictions, we are only accepting long-term membership commitments. This includes a 6 month option, paid in full, or a recurring membership of 12+ monthly payments or a year paid in full. This is a temporary measure put in place to control the frequency of foot traffic in the facility.

Please see our most current class schedule or book in to participate in a class on the classes page “here”.

At Onyx we believe that informed members result in successful operations. Please see the most commonly asked questions regarding the Provincial regulations and how it relates to Onyx.

[O. REG 82/20, s. 3(2)]

For your convenience we will be implementing a booking system IF the foot traffic escalates. This is to accommodate each members comfort level. This will not restrict your workout time, but simply let others know gym frequency to make an informed decision for each visit.

Please keep social distancing in mind at any time.

[O. REG 82/20, s. 2(4)(i)(ii)]

Masks are not required when engaging in Fitness or athletic activity.

[O. REG 82/20, s. 2(4)(j)]

In accommodating a person in compliance with the Assess abilities for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.

[0. REG 82/20, s. 2(4)(k)]

In accommodating a person in compliance with the Human Rights Code.

[O. REG 57/21, s. 2]

Onyx must record names and contact info of everyone coming into the facility and keep for one month. Members and guests reward tag must be scanned upon every visit. Tags will be issued free of charge to those who do not have one.

[O. REG 57/21, s. 10]

Washrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc. are cleaned as frequently as necessary to maintain sanitation. Equipment is to be cleaned and disinfected to maintain sanitation.

For your convenience and to reduce multiple high touch points Onyx has provided individual spray bottles for each members to take with them for the duration of their workout. Members are required to clean any equipment used prior to moving on with their workout.

"This truly is one of the better gyms I've been a member of. I would recommend to anyone, especially locals as the 24hr access is a nice touch. Always improving, great classes, great atmosphere. I'm happy to be a part of it."
Ryan D.
Local Guide
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