Enough is Enough

December 14, 2020. (Social Media Write Up & Video Link)

It’s time we as citizens start holding some of the council members and board of health accountable. It seems that searching out answers to valid questions is a task some are not willing to do.

I will first point out that the elected members of council have an obligation to speak on behalf of the people in the municipalities which they represent. I also want to point out that it is the municipalities that fund the Health Unit. The Health Unit should therefore be held accountable to those municipalities.

So what is going on here?

It is unfortunate that in my recent dealings with certain members of the Essex council, I have been addressed more as an incompetent citizen or felt brushed under the rug. While I will not express my thoughts regarding all council representatives, I am going to address my concerns at this time with Mayor Snively.

Mr. Snively, it is extremely concerning that when asking for transparency and to be a voice for small businesses you bucked back in annoyance stating there is “nothing you can do”. This is not acceptable. Sadly, you have failed to make good effort on behalf of the people. But why? Why would you NOT push the issue? I find it interesting that you sit on the Board of Health yet are not able to assist “we the people”. Maybe this is too much of a conflict for you?

I watched the council meeting December 7th where my letter was brought forward. It was disappointing to see that although a number of our council members (Sherry Bondy, Joe Garon, Steve Bjorkman, Chris Vander Doelan) were looking to find solutions and ways to assist businesses, you only pointed out how disappointing it is that we will “lose some businesses”.

I’m sorry – what?! Let’s make some effort to speak up and get some answers for your community!

In closing I want to thank the council members who have either tried to help resolve the difficulties small business owners are facing or have at least voiced possible solutions during last week’s council meeting.

Ps. I look forward to seeing how my second letter to council is received during tonight’s meeting. I will be relaying this information for the public to see. Link to watch council meeting below. (Starts 6:07 / Ends 55:02)

Essex Business Owner,

Kim Dennison

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